Sep 5, 2008

Hanna Montana

We've gotten a few calls and emails from home asking us how we are doing. So I thought it would be nice to give a quick update.

We're definitely fine. I got off work early today, and LeeAnn has been off since Thursday. We've got everything tied down nice. We are all stocked up on food, water and movies from Blockbuster.

Hanna is pretty much a blow out anyway. Everyone was all worked up in the marina (including ourselves). Quite a few boats were hauled out, some people went up the river, but it appears that we are just going to get a little wind, and some rain. Not really a big deal at this point unless Hanna gets a sudden second wind.

I personally blame our good fortune on Captain Jim, who is a few boats down from us. Captain Jim is known to be a bit of a witch doctor. If you ever meet him, try not to maintain eye contact as it has been reported that he can "read you" by the colors in your eyes. I have never actually seen this done, but Captain Jim has let me in on a few "eye reading" secrets.

It is not unlikely that Captain Jim is on his boat at this very moment preforming a séance which is diverting the heading of Tropical Storm Hanna.

Captain Jim is also a bit of a ladies man. Though I am not completely sure if the women I see him with are real... or simply wizardly apparitions. The inside of his boat is decorated with statues of nude angles, both black and white. It would not surprise me if he some how bewitched these statues, kinda like that one movie "Mannequin" - starring Andrew McCarthy and Kim Catrall.
Or perhaps the angels are simply guardians.

Right now it's just a rainy day, hardly any wind at all.

The last few days have been beautiful.