Jun 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Chad

Take One:

Take Two:

Take Three:

Birthday video from last year 2007:


  1. Three time as funny as last years birthday!!!

    Love you,

    Mom & Dad

  2. HAPPY BELATED B-DAY CHAD!!!!! We did talk about you on Monday in the hospital with Grandma as she was laying on her back still for hours and hours which is VERY hard for any one to do....esp. Grandma!! Anyway, we talked about it being your b day and we sang in our heads cause one of the nurses was really really cranky and she would have probably kicked us out...I think she would have gone as far as to wheel Grandma right out in the hallway she was so cranky! Anyway, we also talked about you at home...and no one was cranky there!! We had Butter Pecan Ice Cream in celebration of your new year on this earth! (Ryan had Strawberry) Anyway, hope you had a fantastic b day...you look great.....LeAnn sounds great! Lots of hugs and love comin your way!! Aunt Joni & Family!

  3. Happy Birthday Chad! I didn't remember it, but dont feel bad because I dont remember anyone's birthday unless they tell me, "Hey! It's my birthday!"