Oct 24, 2007

Singing in the rain!

It's still raining out. We have the boat lit up in candles, we are watching movies and eating CupCakes.

My mother has informed me that LeeAnn's Mother, Aunt Donna, and Aunt Ann would like to have some writing from LeeAnn's prospective.... I asked her, and this is pretty much what she said:

"Hey guys! I'm having a great time out here! Chad is the greatest and I'm SOO lucky to be with a guy like him! He is just so handsome, charming, romantic, smart, funny, adventurous, humble, and so so much more."

Yep. That pretty much sums up what she had to say. 



    THAT is some great advice LeeAnn!!!
    No wonder Chad has that smile on his face all the time.

    But you (or Chad) forgot Chad is also a great dancer so maybe you should start writing down everything that you find wonderful about him so you don't leave anything out next time.

    Now go swab the poop deck and see him smile!

    Love you both!

  2. Oh, LeeAnn! You are full of such wisdom. I have seen the error of my ways, I too will spend the rest of my free time fulfilling Carl's every whim.

    Life is bliss!

  3. Hey Chad.....you can un tie LeeAnn and take the blindfold off now....what is posted is posted :)XXXOOO Aunt Joni

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  5. It may take a very large shovel to clean that poop deck after Chad gets through with it!
    We knew after the first sentence that it was Chad.

  6. The Picture:

    We were walking down this back road in Annapolis, LeeAnn found a pea pod and asked if they were like normal peas, or if they were poisonis. Ray tried one, then spit it out. LeeAnn actually ate one.

  7. You mean...Lee didn't write this? That she doesn't adore Chadwick 100%, flaws included? Wha?

  8. Dad had tears running down his face of what LeeAnn wrote. What a loving person.

    I will try my best to be a better women.

  9. You are a good girl LeeAnn! I live to serve Pat too! You're mom must be SO proud of you!

    Aunt Kathy

    ps. Thanks for the postcard and stay OUT of New Jersey!!