Oct 7, 2007

New York, New York

It was crazy to sail into New York Harbor. Talk about busy. We got to sail right past the Statue of Liberty which was very cool for us having never seen it before. We anchored just behind The Green Lady at Liberty State Park.

The city swallowed us whole. We had no plans when we walked into Manhattan, the city quickly made up our minds for us. We first went to Ground Zero. There is no longer any tribute or anything, it is just a big construction site. All the same it was strange to see a big gap in a forest of skyscrapers. I don't want to get all sappy on you, but I do want to say it was very powerful to think that 6,000 people (whether they be American or any other nationality) died in such a small area.

The pizza in New York was really great. Tastes like God. If there was nothing in New York except for pizza, it would still be worth the visit. The pizza is just that good. Yummm. My favorite part of New York was the pizza. I would really like to eat some New York pizza right now. I would like to just wrap myself up in a slice of New York pizza and eat my way out of it. I never got to try Ray's pizza.

Besides eating pizza, we went to Times Square, the East Village, The Bronx Zoo, Central Park, we saw "Rent" on Broadway (even though it wasn't really on Broadway... it was just around the corner... I don't understand how that one works, just a technicality I guess) China Town, and Little Italy. We saw a stand up comedy show with a comedian from Comedy Central (where we paid 24 dollars for 4 waters!). I was hoping to see some Sicilian Mobsters, but I didn't have any luck.

I had a good time riding the subways.
That was New York!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! You like the pizza and LeeAnn likes cowboys in their underware!

  2. I have seen that guy!! Once on Cash Cab (on the Discovery Channel) and in a movie.....cant remember which one. He is kinda creepy! How do you know what God tastes like???? And I guess my only question would be this: What was your favorite food in New York??

    I think you should do a travel food show for the Food Network. That would be cool. Aunt Joni

  3. I guess if I had to guess what god tastes like it would be New York Pizza!
    and the Pizza was my favorite!