Oct 28, 2007

Brrrr!!! it's cold!

Seems all I can do these days is complain about the weather! If it's not Sunny and 75 degrees... I'M NOT HAPPY!!!

Just kidding. it is cold though. a chilly 60 degrees. Lowest high temp we have had so far. at least the sun is shining!

We have some parts being shipped in on Monday, then we are heading out of here!

Head down the Chesapeake -- 3 days
Head down the Inter-Coastal Waterway -- 8 days..
Miles traveled: around 600
Miles to go: around 400

almost done. I'm excited to get moving. And I'm excited to get to our destination. There is a lot of work I want to get done on the boat. Leaks that needs fixing and hardware that needs replacing.
Here's Sushi Aunt Joni -- the little black dot in the big white sail.

LeeAnn on the boat "C-Drifters" last night. it was cold.

It's really hard to take a picture of a black cat on a sunny day. she just turns out as a black little blob.... but she's soooo cuuuttte!!


  1. Thanks........just needed that little verification that she was not used as bait :)

    XXOO Aunt Joni

  2. Again I am thinking of the Brady Bunch song, 'It's a Sunshine Day'. (I thought of it the other day while we were making pasties - I thought about a lot of things that day, but this is about you and LeeAnn, not about all of that!)

    I'm glad it is not raining anymore!!

    If you don't know who the Brady Bunch are you can research them on the next rainy day. Their amazing. Look it up!

    Love to both of you!!

    Aunt Kathy 8-)

  3. HI Chad and LeeAnne,
    I am so glad to hear about all of your adventures. Your mom sent me the link LeeAnne, I am one of the mommy teachers from OV (Joey). I send you both happy thoughts and calm seas!
    Joey B and family