Oct 7, 2007

F*ck New Jersey

Yeah. so our last night in New York, heading back to the boat which was anchored in Jersey City. We had to ride the light train. We had round trip tickets we had bought earlier in the morning. Two Transit Cops got on the train, looked at our tickets, and then they asked LeeAnn to get off the train. So I got off too. They said we have forgotten to do "something" to our tickets. I thought it was no big deal. They said the tickets were no good, I was bummed, thought we were going to have to buy new tickets, costs 3 dollars. They asked where we were from, asked for I.D., they were very friendly. Then when we gave them our I.D.s they suddenly got mean, and said we were going to be fined. I asked "why?" they said "Well you forgot to stamp your ticket." I said "So I'll go stamp it right now, sorry I didn't know. Like I said, we're tourists." "No, that won't work," he said "you already got on the train." Yep, 74 dollar tickets. 150 bucks total. Sweet. Fuck New Jersey.

So, had we known what was going on, would could have
1. Never gave them our I.D.s
2. Just walked away and not rode the train
3. Told them to fuck off.
4. Pretended to not speak english

Lots of other tourists got tickets too... Looks like every now and then Jersey has a little fund raiser at their tourists expense.

So if you ever go to Jersey, stamp your ticket! I know the sign doesn't say to do it! And no New Jersey assholes will be nice and let you know. But make sure you do! Or you can be cool like us and not return to New Jersey for at least seven years... or ever!

LeeAnn: Chad forgot to mention the BEST part of this story. The fact that I got a good few other tourists, Japanese I assumed, to chant "Fuck New Jersey" with me! Oh yes, it was good.

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  1. What are YOU suppose to stamp your tickets with??? I would protest. Tell Aunt Jackie to check that out for you. That sounds like a good job for her. :) Aunt Joni