Jul 2, 2009

Why we stopped cruising.

I hate to write this. I don’t want to admit that it’s really over! But we have received a surprising number of emails asking us why we haven’t posted. Thank you, to everyone who emailed. We never knew so many people were following along. Finding out makes it all the harder to stop!

Reason #1. Money.
We were making money while we were cruising, and still able to save a little each year, but we weren't able to put enough away for retirement. LeeAnn and I were worried that if we kept on cruising we would wake up 60 years old with little money and less teeth. So the plan is to go home and get “grown up” jobs. We’ve survived on about $25,000 a year (combined income). So we figure if we get make $50,000 a year, we can save half. In 10 years we should have a lot saved up.

Reason #2. Boat.
We had a great boat - we loved it, fixed it up, and sailed it thousands of miles. There were times I was scared for my life, but it kept us safe and never let us down once. It was our home. However, for long term sailing, we need a boat that can hold more people.... like... uhhh, kids... :)

Reason #3. Babies
We’re comfortable taking on the ocean alone, but when it comes to having babies, we want our parents nearby.

So! Our plan is to spend a few years at home.... like 10. Save up a little money for the future, buy a new boat, have some babies.