Jul 2, 2009

Why we stopped cruising.

I hate to write this. I don’t want to admit that it’s really over! But we have received a surprising number of emails asking us why we haven’t posted. Thank you, to everyone who emailed. We never knew so many people were following along. Finding out makes it all the harder to stop!

Reason #1. Money.
We were making money while we were cruising, and still able to save a little each year, but we weren't able to put enough away for retirement. LeeAnn and I were worried that if we kept on cruising we would wake up 60 years old with little money and less teeth. So the plan is to go home and get “grown up” jobs. We’ve survived on about $25,000 a year (combined income). So we figure if we get make $50,000 a year, we can save half. In 10 years we should have a lot saved up.

Reason #2. Boat.
We had a great boat - we loved it, fixed it up, and sailed it thousands of miles. There were times I was scared for my life, but it kept us safe and never let us down once. It was our home. However, for long term sailing, we need a boat that can hold more people.... like... uhhh, kids... :)

Reason #3. Babies
We’re comfortable taking on the ocean alone, but when it comes to having babies, we want our parents nearby.

So! Our plan is to spend a few years at home.... like 10. Save up a little money for the future, buy a new boat, have some babies.


  1. Well.. It was with great interest that I would follow your blogs as I hope to someday retire on a sailboat. Best of luck to you two!

    Landlocked in CO.

  2. Hey you can't do that, I just found your blog darn it. Wow what an adventure, something you will bask in for all the wonderful years to come, at least we certainly hope so. I borrowed your reality quote, put it on our blog. Reality, who needs it, me I guess, We will be on a boat soon. So once again the young have inspired us.

  3. Hi there,

    This is what has prevented me from doing what you have done. In my case, it is a bit more complicated for a few other reasons. But the bottom line is: I have always dreamed of sailing around the globe but I have not done it because I know it would affect plans related to retirement, kids, etc. You are luckier than me because you at least had a chance to do it before such concerns became part of our life.


  4. Hey Chad, we're so glad you finally updated the blog. Mama says she's glad that Cambyration didn't let you down. We're sitting here in the cozy nook at Mama's (just before the Milk Punch Breakfast at the club), and we all agree that it's perfect that you took the boat down to the Caribbean where she belongs. We're all thankful that you shared your experience with us. We hope that the next owner will be kind enough to keep in touch as well. Lots of love from all of the Sellers.

  5. What was the fate of the boat? Did you sell her?

  6. Chad ~ You made me cry so much....still trying to fight it off. It is not really working all that well. It was wonderful that LeeAnn was able to come for a bit to visit with Grandpa. She represented you very well as you know. Damn....brought a little too much back :) I too will miss reading about your sailing adventures...however, I think there are just as many adventures that are here in this urban jungle. If anyone has even come close to figuring you out.....or knows you....they know that YOU make everything an adventure. Welcome home :) Aunt J

  7. Damn, I just found your most excellent blog and its OVER!!!

    I'll just read the archives I guess.....Allan

  8. It is never over with Chad & LeeAnn.....stay tuned!

  9. Hey Lee Ann & Chad -- you had a great year and we enjoyed being one of the couples that met you on your travels, both in Florida and the Bahamas. Your "extended honeymoon" memories will always be with you! Best of luck in whatever comes next, and if you get to Duxbury, MA, look us up.

    Heidi & Ken Maitland, RISING TIDE

  10. We have a small family and live on our sailboat as well- we're even expecting a 2nd child later this year.

    I can with great respect and anguish understand your reasoning for giving up cruising.

    We are forced at this juncture in our lives to balance the well being of our children's future and our personal financial well being and, while they are young, we can find no better life for them where we can spend the quality time together as a family.

    The money issue is always a specter in the shadows and the concept of retirement has been 'adjusted' to working less in our golden years as it has for many Americans now.

    I think the most important thing to continue doing is living your life fully- on land or on the water! Utlimately it doesn't matter where the next adventure takes you, as long as it is an adventure (like having kids)!

    Good Luck in your NEW adventure.

    JC McDowell and the family unit.

  11. At 47 I feel my own mortality and have know two men kicking off at 53, no where near retirement. Multiple retirees (including my Father) who only lasted a couple of years past retirement. Therefore, in seven years we will sail till we drop. I do envy you people for doing it so young, but I seriously doubt that I would have been able to give it up as the bot and water act like a potent drug to the wife and I. That being said, have a great life and good luck...Allan

  12. this is brian/daytona, glad you made safe passage, sorry our paths never crossed (stupid wedding, yes they are still togeteher so all is not lost)I wish you both well on your new adventures together....best wishes to both...look me up on your next passage...you have my email addresss ;)...peace out

  13. Chad and LeeAnn,
    I just found your blog and now it's over?!? You have inspired me. My husband and I are 47. We just learned to sail 5 years ago. We too sail out of Muskegon and that means we only sail for a short summer season. You adventure has been a goal of our for a while. Now maybe we can work to may it happen. Thanks for the archives!

  14. Rileyterfo:

    We should get together and go sailing! LeeAnn and I haven't been on Lake Michigan for years, or even stepped on a boat since we stepped off in May. Man the time flys!

  15. Hey Brian!

    Yeah, bummer we didn't catch up. We would have stuck around the area more... but man, those florda boaters are crazy!!

  16. Rising Tide!

    Great to hear from you guys! glad you made it back safely. I hope your son is enjoying being out of the service!

    Chad and Leeann

  17. Hello!!! My name is Shannon to start things off. I just wanted to say that you guys are a great inspire to my boyfriend and I. We started following you since you started in 2007. We are 100% sure that we are going to be doing the same thing. We are saving up to buy a boat hear in the near future. We are taking sailing lessons and making sure we do have enough money. We know that we want to stay on the eastern coastline like you guys did. We read a book called "How to live aboard a boat" I am not sure if you guys have read it or not. But its about a couple that actually lived aboard a boat and just traveled around the world. It taught us everything we needed to know, from the pros to the cons, from what to pack and not what to pack, and how it can be a damper on the actual relationship with the other person ebcause it can get frustrating at times. We thought it was awesome that in this book they had pets on the sailboat that got boat sick just like people can. We have two cats that I would prob. die if I couldnt take. We just recently bought a 2 month year old kitten that we named "Polly" because she is considered a Polydactyal because she has an extra toe, also known as the "mitten." WE know we want to stay on the eastern coastline for the first year then work our way over to Europe eventually. I Graduate from college in May of 2010 and we want to start shortly after that. I mean, our next obstactle is to actually get a sailboat (we would need that, haha). I think you guys were a great inspire for us to do this because when Dana (my bf) first told me about this whole sailboat escapade, I instantely said no. But, he had me read your blogs, and also look at other stories. One story I read was the guy proposed to his gf, now wife on the boat in the Carribean. Now three years later I am ALLLLL ABOUT doing this. Both our familys know and are completely jealous but behind us 100%. I can not wait until we can tell our kids what mommmy and daddy did when we were 24 years old. You guys prob. feel the same way. But enough about that but if you have any other helpful hints, facts, or advice please feel free to let me know because you two once again were such a great inspire to do such a great accomplish!!! We wish you the best with you and you family and the family to be.

    Thank you and good luck,
    Shannon and Dana

  18. Hey chad and leanne, loved reading your blog and my wife and I will be setting sail in about ten years to do the same thing as you have done so drop me a line and maybe someday we can meet up on the water!!! That would be great Dan