Feb 22, 2009

A visit from the parents

Our parents flew in on the 15th and stayed for one week. It was great to have them. I haven't seen my parents in over a year!

We did everything while they were here. Rented boats, saw iguanas, pigs, got married, snorkeled everywhere. It was a great time. LeeAnn and I were very very sad to see them go.

Say Hello, left to right: Mike (my dad) Me, Shelly (my mom), LeeAnn, Ellen (LeeAnn's Mom)

At the "grocery store" Dale (LeeAnn's Dad) wonders what kind of mess he has gotten himself into
Making Friends on the island. My dad buys friendship with cookies.

With the a rented boat we went exploring!
LeeAnn spotted a starfish and pulled it out of the water for closer observation
The mothers Smell the starfish.Ellen making friends with a pig on Big majors
Dale taking a nap with iguanas LeeAnn feeding a cookie to a lizard
We went to Rachel's bubble bath where the ocean swells break over tall rocks into a deep pond. It's pretty cool.

Dale and Ellen get hit with a wave.
Mike and Shelly in the wash
LeeAnn Jumping into the surge
My mom really enjoyed combing the beach for shells, and we took to calling her "seashell Shelly"Trouble in paradise... LeeAnn got a sliver under her fingernail and had to shave her nail off with a razor.
Lee under a white cliff

Feb 18, 2009

Getting Married In The Bahamas

We spent all day running around looking for a place for the ceremony.

Finally we found the perfect spot but it was private property and the residents weren't home. We spoke with Berkie about it. Berkie is a badass. He is the Island pastor, owns one of the two grocery stores, rents small boats, runs a property management business, AND he is the yacht club dock hand.

Turns out the property we wanted to get married on was one of the properties he managed. He said it was a vacation home and that the owners would be thrilled to have us get married on their beautiful beach.

Our flower girls were the daughters of a fellow cruiser named Brian who we had met the night before. Actually LeeAnn had met Brian the night before. I didn’t meet him until he showed up at the wedding with his wife and twin daughters. We are lucky that we had met them!

They brought a box full of beautiful flowers that they received from some island locals. The flowers added SO MUCH to the wedding. We're positive it wouldn't have been nearly as beautiful if they hadn't been there, and we can't thank them enough!

Some Charleston friends, Tom, Karmen, and Chris were in attendance, as well as our parents who had flown in for the occasion.

Waving goodbye to bachelorhood:
Waiting for LeeAnn to show up....
Getting hitched!!

Our Beautiful Flower Girls:
Family Picture

The Guests:Our Psychedelic reception

Feb 14, 2009

Exploring Staniel Cay Areas

We've been seeing a lot of things around the Staniel Cay area. This place is amazing! there is so much to do.

A passing storm:
Sharks and Stingrays:
Just some spot.

Chris Surrounded by fishies

Being attacked by little fish outside the Grotto:

Big Majors Spot!

The boat anchored at Big Majors Spot. Lots of white sails from the boat leaving!
While exploring in the dinghy we came across this really cool cave!!
In the CAVE!!
Years ago, loco Bahamians left some pigs on Big Majors. They aren't domestic, but they aren't really tame either.

Cruisers feed them, and the pigs swim out to the dinghy when they see you approaching
Life is hard for a Bahamian pig.