Feb 18, 2009

Getting Married In The Bahamas

We spent all day running around looking for a place for the ceremony.

Finally we found the perfect spot but it was private property and the residents weren't home. We spoke with Berkie about it. Berkie is a badass. He is the Island pastor, owns one of the two grocery stores, rents small boats, runs a property management business, AND he is the yacht club dock hand.

Turns out the property we wanted to get married on was one of the properties he managed. He said it was a vacation home and that the owners would be thrilled to have us get married on their beautiful beach.

Our flower girls were the daughters of a fellow cruiser named Brian who we had met the night before. Actually LeeAnn had met Brian the night before. I didn’t meet him until he showed up at the wedding with his wife and twin daughters. We are lucky that we had met them!

They brought a box full of beautiful flowers that they received from some island locals. The flowers added SO MUCH to the wedding. We're positive it wouldn't have been nearly as beautiful if they hadn't been there, and we can't thank them enough!

Some Charleston friends, Tom, Karmen, and Chris were in attendance, as well as our parents who had flown in for the occasion.

Waving goodbye to bachelorhood:
Waiting for LeeAnn to show up....
Getting hitched!!

Our Beautiful Flower Girls:
Family Picture

The Guests:Our Psychedelic reception


  1. congratulations!!!
    I thought you guys were in trouble after the after dark anchoring buisness :)

    Good on ya mate!

  2. Congrats! I've been enjoying your blog which has me planning my own escape.
    Landlocked in CO.

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome to the CRAZY Lawie family LeeAnn!!!!!! You are a super great bonus and we are very happy for you both!!!! How wonderful that your parents could both come down to witness that amazingly beautiful event. What a blessing! It looks beyond amazing....just like everything else! Thanks for sharing the exciting news & great photos....we will look forward to more and cant wait to give you all a hug!!! XXXXXXXXOOOOOO Aunt Joni, Uncle Troy, Ryan & Colton :)

  4. Aman I miss you already,what a great time, sun, water, music and a beautiful,BEAUTIFUL wedding !!!

  5. You know, that was so much fun you should get married every year on another island!