Feb 22, 2009

A visit from the parents

Our parents flew in on the 15th and stayed for one week. It was great to have them. I haven't seen my parents in over a year!

We did everything while they were here. Rented boats, saw iguanas, pigs, got married, snorkeled everywhere. It was a great time. LeeAnn and I were very very sad to see them go.

Say Hello, left to right: Mike (my dad) Me, Shelly (my mom), LeeAnn, Ellen (LeeAnn's Mom)

At the "grocery store" Dale (LeeAnn's Dad) wonders what kind of mess he has gotten himself into
Making Friends on the island. My dad buys friendship with cookies.

With the a rented boat we went exploring!
LeeAnn spotted a starfish and pulled it out of the water for closer observation
The mothers Smell the starfish.Ellen making friends with a pig on Big majors
Dale taking a nap with iguanas LeeAnn feeding a cookie to a lizard
We went to Rachel's bubble bath where the ocean swells break over tall rocks into a deep pond. It's pretty cool.

Dale and Ellen get hit with a wave.
Mike and Shelly in the wash
LeeAnn Jumping into the surge
My mom really enjoyed combing the beach for shells, and we took to calling her "seashell Shelly"Trouble in paradise... LeeAnn got a sliver under her fingernail and had to shave her nail off with a razor.
Lee under a white cliff