Apr 4, 2017

Carry That Weight!

LeeAnn just left for the consignment store with her second van load of stuff!

Carrying a heavy box of books up the basement stairs, I considered the weight. Wondered about the mental weight of these books. How heavy do they weigh on my sub-conscious? And how good will it feel when they are gone? One less thing to take care of. One less worry.

My nightstand left in this trip. I replaced it with a stool that had been sitting idle on the storage side of our basement. It feels so good to replace something I wasn't using, with something I wasn't using.

We also sent off a table with the map of the world on it. I thought "I'm giving up a map of the world, so I can do see the world."

I sold a broken outboard motor last week, reducing my outboard motor collection by 1/3. I listed the whitewater kayak I no longer use on Craigslist, and believe that will also be sold today.

So far our kids are handling this well. Charlie is oblivious, and Hobie hasn't seemed to notice things slowly disappearing. We have been talking with him about selling our things and moving onto the boat more and more. We want to give him plenty of time to feel this out, ask questions, and be comfortable.