Jan 27, 2018

4 Reasons I HATE about living on a boat

There are a lot of reasons I love living on a boat, and I often focus on the pros of the lifestyle. But like anything, there are cons. Here are the ones that irk me the most:

1. It's always, ALWAYS damp. 
My cloths are damp when I put them on, my bedsheets feel damp when I get into bed, the cushions at the table feel cold and damp, the floor is sticky. I hate the bed the most. The good news it that by the time it warms up it no longer feels damp.

To combat the dampness, we keep refillable damp-rid canisters in every cabin. We also keep hatches cracked almost all the time to promote airflow and reduce condensation. Aside from that, there isn't much else we can do except install and air conditioning unit (which we can't run at anchor).

2. Smells.
Boats get kinda stinky. Perticularly in the bathroom. I've gone through great efforts to reduce the smell, but it never seems to be completely eliminated. This is a common boat problem. Aside from stinky bathrooms, there are wonderful odors the waft up from the bilge from time to time, and the general smell of mildrew coming from storage lockers. Hate it.

3. Mildew.
Related to #1, we're constantly fighting off mildrew. It's a damp somewhat dark environment. Mildew happens. Fortunately it's not too bad. I've seen other cruisers carting gallons of bleach to their boat for wiping down surfaces.

4. Lack of hot water.
Our hot water comes from a 5-gallon electric hot water heater, or from a heat exchanger on the engine. We only have hot water when we are at the dock or under way. Showers any doing the dishes are a challenge. I've recently learned of these on-demand propane water heaters, and I'm considering installing one.

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