Jan 4, 2018

Cruising With Kids: Dealing With Limited Space

We hear it all the time: "It must be hard living in such a small space with kids! How can you do it?"

I'm not sure about anyone else's kids, but when it comes to mine, whether we are in a 2,000SF house or an 800SF boat, our kids are where we are.

If we are cooking, the kids are in the kitchen. Often on the floor, and possibly clinging to our legs. 

Charlie helping me cook in the kitchen.

If we are in our bedroom folding laundry, the kids are in our bedroom knocking over the stacks of clean clothes. 

If I am in my office working, there is a kid who wants to sit on my lap or curl up under the desk. 

These statements are applicable to home life or boat life. If on a boat just change out the words "kitchen" for "galley", "bedroom" for "cabin", and "office" for "closet with a stool"!

So as far as my kids are concerned, living in the small space of the boat isn't much different from the 
large space of a house. 

Charlie helping cook.

Where we DO see a difference:

There is, of course, a difference between a large space and a small one. When staying overnight with friends or family, it is refreshing to watch our kids run through the wide expanse of a home. 

Nearly any home, no matter how small, is going to be huge compared to a cruising boat. But humans are quick to adapt. A "large" space quickly becomes a "normal" space, and it's not long before a normal space becomes "I've gotta get out of the house, you kids are driving me CRAZY!"

The best-sized living space for kids is Grandma and Grandpas house!!!

The floor space in the forward cabin.

Hanging out in the boys' room.
In this picture we are hanging up a glow in
the dark solar system. Buy it here

Hobie getting some alone time in his room. Reading
Berenstain Bears Pirate Adventure. Buy it here!

Charlie climbing on the boom.

The boys climbing the bimini supports.

Hobie finding his own space, coloring on the cabin top.

Making of fort out of a sheet at the helm station.
In this picture Hobie is wearing a bulky life jacket that
the kids found uncomfortable for daily use.
Check out Hobie's new life jacket by clicking here

Hands up!

The boys playing with the hammock in the cockpit. Buy it here!

Charlie playing. On a boat or in a house,
he would be in the middle of all the action.
GoPro Head Strap: Buy it here!
Nesting stacking cups: But it here

The boys goofing off at the table.

Charlie sitting on the foredeck. The life jacket Charlie 
is wearing in this picture is a little bulky, and 
cumbersom for day to day use. We've since switched 
to the Stohlquist Nemo life jackets that the kids 
like much better. Buy them here: http://amzn.to/2AqRa4E

Watching the world go by through the cabin windows.

Strategically in the way. Charlie is reading a really
cool book called "You Choose". Each page asks a 
question such as: Where would you live? Where 
would you sleep? Who would be your friends?  
With the help of witty illustrations, and a whole range of 
scenarios to choose from, this highly original 
book quickly became a favorite for our kids. 
Buy it here: http://amzn.to/2lTRvHI

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