Jul 16, 2017

Books in the bilge!

Getting the boat ready to go has really sucked. So it's a breath of fresh air that packing has been going really smooth. If not better than expected.

We've definitely had to be really picky about what we are bringing. The hardest things to go through were books and toys for the boys. The nice thing though, is we are picking out all the favorite toys, the favorite books.

Jul 12, 2017

Praying for the low point...

The last few days have totally sucked. Everything seems to be going wrong. Everything is difficult. Progress is painfully slow.

Two of the biggest hangups are getting the pressure water and fridge running. Can't really move onto the boat without those two things.

The Battle Of The fridge:

Problem: So I screwed up and left water in the refrigerator cooling line. It cracked the raw water strainer during the winter.

Solution 1: Bought a new strainer. Great. Install it while kids scream and fight... open the seacock (the valve that lets water in from the outside of the boat) and find that the old water hose has stiffened, or just fatigued from multiple strainer replacements and the hose has cracked and is now leaking.

Solution 2: Buy new hose from West Marine, bring it back to the boat to install it while kids beg to go swimming. Forgot my heat gun at home. Can't install. Take kids swimming so LeeAnn can organize the boat.

Solution 3: Bring the heat gun the next day and install the hose. Kids are watching Curious George on the iPad. Add hose clamps... they don't fit because the new hose has thicker walls.

Jul 8, 2017

Moving aboard

The boat is rocking like crazy right now. The marina we are at is exposed to the north, which is the direction the wind is blowing from. We're on the Northernmost dock. The most exposed, so we're taking the brunt of the waves. The dock isn't a breakwall like it probably should be. Just a dock so the waves go right pass it.

We've started moving our things on the boat. We had about 5 boxes and large bins in the basement packed up and ready to go. Everything found its place on the boat fairly quickly. LeeAnn and I kinda looked at each other and thought "well that was easy." We've been struggling to figure out what else we can move aboard before we officially move on.

Jul 2, 2017

Easy to dream, terrifying to do

We're less than five days away from starting our move onto the boat.

I'm full of doubts. I wish I wasn't, but I am. 

We've given away our cats.

Ready for launch!

Finally tied up all the loose ends today. Rudders have 6 coats of Interprotect barrier coat epoxy, 2 solid coats of bottom paint (I might add a third coat) and are back in the boat (thanks Ross!).

The sail drives have been painted with 5 coats of Interprotect, and 3 coats of Trilux 33. I was super freaked out about painting the sail drives. It seems like every article on sail drives shows a picture of one that has been nearly eaten away by galvanic corrosion.