Jul 2, 2017

Easy to dream, terrifying to do

We're less than five days away from starting our move onto the boat.

I'm full of doubts. I wish I wasn't, but I am. 

We've given away our cats.

Sold 80% of our possessions. 

I'm not sure if Hobie fully comprehends what is about to happen. I'm dreading the day when he says "Dad, when are we going home?" Our home as he knows it is about to be gone forever. 

Hobie has surprised me throughout this entire process. He understood we couldn't bring the cats with. He wasn't upset when we gave them away. 

He hasn't freaked out at our garage sales like we thought he would. He seems to understand that we can't fit everything on the boat. 

Selling everything and moving onto a boat isn't all that hard... it's just scary. It's easy to dream about, but absolutely terrifying to do. At least that's how it feels right now. 

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