Jul 8, 2017

Moving aboard

The boat is rocking like crazy right now. The marina we are at is exposed to the north, which is the direction the wind is blowing from. We're on the Northernmost dock. The most exposed, so we're taking the brunt of the waves. The dock isn't a breakwall like it probably should be. Just a dock so the waves go right pass it.

We've started moving our things on the boat. We had about 5 boxes and large bins in the basement packed up and ready to go. Everything found its place on the boat fairly quickly. LeeAnn and I kinda looked at each other and thought "well that was easy." We've been struggling to figure out what else we can move aboard before we officially move on.

We've been getting more creative about where to store things for the long term. Each boy has a cabin with a small closet, a cubby under their bed, and a bench that can be lifted up to put things underneath.


Cubby under the bed

Bench with hidden storage.

In the past the bench stored engine parts, and life jackets. Now we need the space for the boy's things. We're eyeing the bilge and thinking about what will be best to store in it. For now, the oil has found a home in the main bilge. Looks like the bilge in Charlie's room can fit two small Tupperware bins. that's probably where some boat parts are going to go.

We're planning to move aboard full time in about five days. At that point, we should have plenty of things to move aboard. Cloths, silverware, cooking supplies, etc. All those things need to stay at home until we make the final move.

We're talking about having a garage sale the Friday after we move aboard, but I don't think it will happen. We won't have enough time to price things out, or really even know what we are selling. There is somewhat of a rush because LeeAnn leaves on a trip to Norway the following weekend.

Charlie has been very grouchy since the 4th of July. We think his 2-year molars might be coming in. He had a fever and was very sleepy for two days, but had no other symptoms. Now his fever is gone and he is back to his active self, but he is still really grouchy. He has decided that all words should be screamed in a terribly tortured voice. Whatever he wants, a drink, some food, to be held, he asks for it like something is stabbing him in the leg. It adds a layer of stress to what is already a fairly stressful situation. On the positive side, he loves being on and around the boat.

Last night I took Hobie and Charlie for a "dock cart walk" by putting them into a dock cart and walking them down the docks. They really enjoyed this as long as I stayed moving. At the end of a dock we stopped to wave at the boats going by. Today when Charlie and I took a walk we again sat at the end of a dock waving at passing boats. He loved it and was really upset when I told him we had to go back. But Mom said to take a "short walk" because she was almost ready to put him down for a nap.

The boat was already 90% enclosed with lifeline netting, but now that we have two boys to keep our eyes on, I'm adding netting to the last bits. It's amazing how much more comfortable this stuff makes me feel.

That boat still doesn't have running water or refrigeration. The new faucet I ordered is metric. I also added a tee in the water line for a dedicated water filter and faucet. All those things need to be in place before turning on the water pressure. I also left water in the refrigerator cooling line during the winter. After the boat was hauled, I ran the pump to remove leftover water and left the seacock open. Unfortunately, the raw water strainer sits as a low point in the line, some water collected there and cracked the filter cap.

It's an easy fix, but one I shouldn't need to make. A result of rushing the previous fall. I should have disconnected the inlet hose and pumped some antifreeze through the cooling system.

I ordered all the parts I need to get the fresh water system and refrigeration running. They should arrive by Monday. Packing snacks each day for the boat is extra work and I'm excited to not have to do it!

Gotta go! Lots more to do!!

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