Jul 16, 2017

Books in the bilge!

Getting the boat ready to go has really sucked. So it's a breath of fresh air that packing has been going really smooth. If not better than expected.

We've definitely had to be really picky about what we are bringing. The hardest things to go through were books and toys for the boys. The nice thing though, is we are picking out all the favorite toys, the favorite books.

I'd say we are about 80-90% packed up. All the sailing gear is aboard. We still have our clothes to pack, cookware, and I'm sure some other items I'm forgetting. My biggest concern is the large walking stroller for the boys as well as their bikes.

Our house is almost all packed up too. For the most part, we are down to the bare essentials that we use every day. I plan to have a garage sale the week after we move aboard to get rid of everything that remains.

Books in the forward bilge.

Book in the center bilge!
Books in the stern bilge
Where we will store cold weather clothes, extra clothes, and clothes for the boys to grow into.

Cool new bending faucet that was hell to install, and to the right a faucet for filtered water.

Little spacers I made to fill the gap on the back side of the faucet so it would finally tighten. 

Hobie creating an animal scene in which all of the animals are being eaten by another animal.

Plenty of space for more non-perishable food! 

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