Oct 11, 2007

Sailing Community

We've met very few American sailors. We've traveled hundreds of miles and met only one American... And he wasn't really a sailor. Sticking feathers up your but does not make you a chicken. Owning a sailboat doesn't make you a sailor.

Most of the sailors we've met have been Canadian. We've also met a lot of Polish people, and English. One couple was from Germany.

Right now we are with an English couple, and a Canadian couple. We all have different accents, and different words. Ray and Irene, the English couple use words like "breaky, Butty, Sharabang." meaning "breakfast, Sandwich, and three dinghys in a row."
The Canadians use words like "aye?" as most everyone from Michigan already knows.
It's very fun.

Anyway here are some videos from over the past few weeks:

This is a video of our French Canadian buddy Gorden cooking dinner. He is a very goofy fun guy to hang out with. Loves a good party. Ladies man. Good cook.

This is just a video of a foggy day on the Erie Canal.

Ok so I had more videos, but I moved most of them to a spare hard drive because they were taking up too much space. So I guess I'm out of videos.


  1. 1. The French Canadian video sounds like you're in some crazy Vegas nightclub circa 1962. I didn't catch anything he said except "Gabrielle" and "C'est bon!"

    You should play him the French Canada Song from South Park.

    2. Perhaps we can cook it for dinner? Ha!

    Okay, back to staring at cubical walls for me grumblegrumbleeeffyougrumble

  2. I dont know why I never saw any of these updates until tonight!! I have been checking and checking and checking.......crazy little guy in the computer! Anyway, I am so glad I got this now.....good info on the feathers.....at least I know what NOT to do with them :) You guys should have a little "guest book" to get the comments, names, addresses of everyone you meet. You probably are already doing that....just another part of the "aunt job".... :) A Joni