Dec 4, 2007

Wheres the good in good bye?

Our good friends of what we have taken to calling the “International Cruising Club” (Ray, Irene, Sue, Peter, Roman and Ohla) have caught up with us for the last time. They stopped by to say good bye before they continued south. We had a big ol' jamboree with guitars, singing, and of course beer.

We're going to miss them a lot, but chances are we will see Sue and Peter on their way back North. Ray and Irene have invited us to crew on their boat when they cross the Atlantic. So, although we will probably never all sail together again, all is not lost.

Things I will remember and miss:

***Meeting Ray in the middle of the night, in the middle of a thunderstorm, our boats both run aground after the mooring balls had drug.
Ray: "hi my names Ray... tickle ur ass with a feather?"
Me: "what?"
Ray: "particularly nassty weather"

***My anchor dragging down towards peter's boat during "tropical storm 15" Peter says "looks like I’m anchored in your spot."

*** backpacks shouldered, exploring streets of unfamiliar towns.

*** "Pre-Dinner Drinks," which turns into "All night Drinks," which turns into "maybe we should leave at 9:00 am instead of 7:00 am .... oh lets just stay another day"

***Riding in a car with Roman who is saying "it's a known fact Americans can't drive in snow." As he turns past "wrong way" signs posted on "one way" streets, veers off the shoulder of the road, and in and out of the on coming traffic lane... all this leading me to believe "Canadians can't drive in the sun."

*** being called "the kids" by a bunch of “California Raisins.”

*** Late night comedy hour on the VHF Radio:
Me: c-drifters c-drifters, are you monitering this Channel?"
Ray: "no"
Me. "Thanks for the food, Irene's tatey hash was good"
Ray: "did you just say Irene's tasty ass was good? Steady on, tiger!"

*** Ray (after the cat falls in the water) "looks like you've got a wet pussy on your hands"

*** Ray on the VHF: "Okie Dokie"

*** Peter Burns on the VHF: "Carnation Carnation" (deviated from our name "cambryation")

*** Peter Burns on cooking "you take a stick of butter"

I could go on and on about the good times and the inside jokes that have accumulated over the last couple hundred miles. So I suppose I will just stop now. It is to say the least, that I have had a very good time, and will miss our new friends very much. But goodbyes are apart of sailing. LeeAnn and Irene cried, and so did a nice lady we had just met named Cindy.

“Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; 
they make the latitudes and longitudes.”


  1. I miss them now too......and I never even MET them!!! Write it all in your journal and you can create some kind of Ramen Noodle recipe for your new million dollar cook book and name it after them.....or the person that couldn't keep their pants pulled up :) Please keep your pants pulled already have navy spies and crabby marina snobs watching don't need them to catch you on you tube with your pants down!! XXOO Aunt Joni

  2. I miss them too. I hope you have their addresses and emails. I hope you are journaling all of the great times you had with them. It will make a great book to read. Love Mom

  3. Yep, we have addresses and emails, and phone numbers and boat names. we will stay in touch. They just called tonight actually to make she we are getting settled in alright.

    book!?! I've done nothing book worthy so far. maybe after 20 years of meeting people like R,I,S,P.

  4. Hey....did you hear about the guy who was a week away from his wedding...and his bride to be called off the wedding? He sent all the gifts back that were pre sent, canceled the champagne, flowers and Church...ordered beer and had the party anyway. Then he took his brother off on what was supposed to be the honeymoon in Greece (I think) and they both ended up selling everything they had in the states and have spent the last 5 years or so traveling the world and writing books about it. If their travels are interesting enough to support them and their travels, I would think yours would be. It has captivated all of us so far!! Dont under estimate yourselves.....dream big! XXOO (that was my inspirational message for the day....whew....I am whipped!! ) :) Aunt Joni

  5. I met Ray and Irene while they were in Erie and had dinner with them. I miss them and I only talked to them twice.

    They are a hoot.

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