Dec 16, 2007

A Trip Home To Michigan

We left warm and sunny Charleston. Descending down through the clouds into Detroit we were welcomed back to a grey, cloudy, and freezing landscape. Back in Michigan!

We met our teary eyed mothers at the airport. It was weird coming home. It took us 3 months to get to Charleston, and just 3 hours to get home. Everything is pretty much the same, which is nice because we feel at home!

Its been nice to live without tanks for a bit. The first night at home, my Mom turned on the water, full blast, and walked away while it warmed up. I jumped to the sink and turned it off.

"What are you doing?" my mom asked?

I was about to say "We're gonna run out of water if you let it run like that!" then I remembered "hey, there's no tank! we've got all the water we want!"


  1. hahahahhhaaaaa twister and baby oil. What website is this? I like it I think I may use it.

    Yeah it's really nice. I like it. They host the pictures and the videos and everything. I also really like that people can comment with out having to sign up for anything. Makes it easy for old folks like my parents, or friends who just want to drop a quick line.

  3. I think I may start one. Myspace isn't necessarilly something you can write in. Well, kinda. But I've used this website before I didn't realize it was now. I can not effing remember what my username was. It was something crazy though. Like OompaLoompasDance or something. damn.