Oct 12, 2007

Tropical Storm 15

Still in Atlantic City. I'm at the anchorage. Somehow I've got WiFi signal. I have to be outside of the boat to get it though. That wouldn't be such an issue if it wasn't a gale outside.

No kidding. According to the radio we have been weathering out gale force winds for the last 24 hours which are being produced by tropical storm 15.

Some people say tropical storm, others say it is a tropical depression. All I know is that it's fuckin windy, "tropical storm" sounds way cooler, and I'm tropically depressed from sitting around with nothing to do all day.

A hurricane must really be a nightmare. We only have 35 to 40 MPH winds right now, and it is really not pleasant to be outside. Hurricane winds start at 75. Wow.

I wonder if I can download sudoku for my computer? To pass the time I have been memorizing Spanish cuss words. I wonder if pizza hut delivers out here?