Nov 5, 2007

Navy stealth boat. Couldn't hear this guy until he was right on top of us.
We anchored near a navy test area. Right after I put the camera away a navy boat pulled up to us and asked if we had taken any pictures. "no" i said, "we don't have any cameras on board."
this boat could really move.

Not much time.
We are in Virginia. A place called Deltaville. Tomorrow we will hit norfolk.

Here are some pictures:


  1. Posting secret Navy stuff is probably not the best idea, I think lots of Russian spies probably read this blog.

  2. Great pictures! So when can I expect my promised cd of all your photos in the mail? You can leave off the secret navy shots - I don't want them knocking at MY door!

  3. Chad are you pulling our legs with the navy asking you if you have taken pictures?
    Nice to see a picture of your traveling buddies.
    LaeeAnn, where's the pictures of the pumkins? Did you roast the seeds?

    Love, Mom L

  4. We didn't roast the seeds. we were going to but some how they ended up spilling all over the cabin. cat... waves... who knows.

  5. That is sad about the seeds. What a bummer! Secret Navy photos....unpaid tickets...(hopefully the Crab traps belonged to the people who pulled them...kinda sounded like they may not have been)....LeeAnn on the hard stuff?? !!! What is this trip turning into? You crazy know you may want to get that depth thing fixed cause I bet they will be sending the secret spy subs to getcha! XXOO Watch yer back! XXOO Aunt J