Nov 6, 2007


... I have no pictures at the moment because the internet connection isn't good enough to load them... I'll get some up later!

We were supposed to leave for Norfolk, Virginia today. The winds are high and there is a small craft advisory, so we decided to stay.

Last night was crazy for us. We got to take showers. luxury. Then we ate dinner with our friends Roman and Olha on their boat Moya Mreeya. Their boat was docked in Jackson Creek. From their boat we had to walk 100 feet across a narrow strip of land to where our dinghy was docked on Fishing Bay.

To walk from Jackson Creek to Fishing Bay takes less than 5 minutes, to take a boat from Jackson Creek to Fishing Bay takes a little over an hour. As we walked I said to LeeAnn, "I bet the others on Fishing bay are still partying." We hailed them on our handheld VHF... sure enough "Hey Chad it's just us drunk people! Row over here we have something to show you!"

... LeeAnn and I were planning on an early night... we hadn't planned on dinner on Moya Mreeya, our hair was still wet from the showers... But we couldn't resist the fun. We rowed over to Sea Drifters to see what was up. They had about 40 Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs in a big basket. Peter was steaming them, and Ray was picking all the meat and putting it in a big bowl.

LeeAnn and I jumped in. Drinking and picking meat from the crabs. It was a great time. We stayed up until midnight, then made plans to head for Norfolk early the next morning.

An hour later at 1:00 AM the wind had picked up from the south. Our anchorage didn't provide protection from that wind, the waves picked up quick. Ray had to re-anchor, he was dragging in our direction. After that we all dropped second anchors. Ray and Peter stayed up until 3 AM to keep an eye on things. No one got much sleep in the waves.

Other Happenings:
We are almost done with the Chesapeake Bay. We are in Virginia, our 5th state. We had a court date in New Jersey for some unpaid tickets... we are now fugitives in New Jersey.

LeeAnn has moved up to drinking Vodka instead of those girly fu fu drinks. Sailing has obviously had a positive effect on her!

Our depth sounder is on the fritz. It cuts out all the time, for long periods of time. Imagine driving a car with half the windshield blocked. it's like that. But what the hell, If Christopher Columbus can find America with out a depth sounder, then I can find North Carolina with out one!

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  1. You guys are freaking me out. I'm reading Chesapeake by Mitchner and it's all about eating crabs. It's like ... you're LIVING it, man.

    Or not. Whatever.

    When are you coming home for Christmas?