Jul 10, 2008

more videos

So videos have been down on Blogspot for a long time. The bug is fixed enough that you can upload videos after a few tries.

I might have died in this:

gah - technology! video of accidental jybe with Chad halfway up the mast is lost to the internet!

Video of sailing on the ICW:

Video of windy conditions on the Chesapeake Bay:


  1. Is that Ray and Irene I see there?
    I liked those guys. they were funny.

    I has a jealous.

  2. Hi, I love the idea of living so freely. Our neighbors left 3 years ago and LOVE IT! I am always checking out sail blogs and admiring your lifestyles. One day I hope to do the same, I've just gotta convince my husband. We live just off the Chesapeake Bay, about 1/2 hour by boat to Annapolis! We are currently power boaters, but go sailing often with friends and learning as much as we can. Hopefully we will have a sailboat by next summer. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and thanks for sharing your journey! It's so funny to watch your video clip cooking crabs. Growing up here I take it for granted, and assume everyone knows how to cook crabs! My husband is a city boy and the first time he cooked crabs, I went out to see how it was comming along and he had the steamer filled with water. He thought we BOILED them!! (so funny) Anyway, thanks again and good luck on your adventures.


  3. Hey Melissa!
    Thanks for leaving a comment!

    Sailing women are few and far between, your husband should count himself lucky!

    LeeAnn and I enjoyed our stay in annapolis very much. it's a really cruiser friendly town.

    I didn't even know what a blue crab was until I got to the chesapeake, let alone how to cook them...

    Take care,

  4. I love the middle video when you zoom in on LeeAnn and she hollers

    "I'm sailing!"

    Great stuff!

  5. My favorite is LeeAnn saying, "You know why? Because I want to show them all the SHIT THAT FELL INSIDE MY BOAT!"
    It made me miss her so much.

  6. Hey Chad,

    What was up with that Jybe?????

    Holy Crap...is there a story behind that?

  7. Not really, I was just goofing around. Kinda stupid really...

    Kathy was steering and was looking through the video camera.... and we jybed!

    Besides the massive bruising all over my hips, I broke my ankle and fractured my elbow..

    No just kidding!

    I was definitely expecting the jybe, and I had a good hold.

    That was was on the sail from Chaumont to oswego..

  8. Thanks, Chad. I love keeping up with you and Cambyration on your blog. That is a great vid with you on the bow. It reminds me of my childhood.