May 7, 2009

Manatees in St. Augustine, Florida

We were working on the boat today and it was incredibly hot. I turned on the hose to get my hair wet, and suddenly a huge mass surfaced out of the water. I started yelling to LeeAnn "Come out! Come out there are manatees!!”
It turns out manatees really really like freshwater. Apparently it’s a mystery why manatees like freshwater so much. But they swim up freshwater rivers, and hang out around fresh underwater springs.

They would suck the hose into their mouths and drink off it like a bottle.
There were 5 total, including one baby.
The manatees stuck around for over an hour while we fed them water. Then we stopped giving them water and they still wouldn't leave!


  1. From Bahama smoke to pure water.

    High kitties to high Manatees..

    Will this party ever stop?

  2. Ha!! Now are we all going to start drinking water like we are supposed too?? It is cheaper than beer :)

    Aunt J

  3. First whales, now manatees. How lucky to see these. Mom's jealous!
    Mom Hobart

  4. Pretty cool. Dad Dale