May 5, 2009

A Cat On A Sailboat

This is Sushi.
Sushi is a cool cat.

Sushi was born in New York State, but has traveled to three countries and eight different states.


Sushi has sailed about fifteen hundred miles.

She would get seasick when she was a kitten, but seems to have grown out of it these days.

The boat is a big playground. She has ventured onto the dock a few times, but for the most part stays on the boat like a good cat.

Sushi likes dinghy rides.

Sushi is very interested in the water, she loves to watch it and paw at it, but like the stereotypical cat, she hates to be submerged in it! She doesn't like seafood, but dolphins are an endeless fascination to her.

Mostly she is just a lazy cat.

As far as dealing with the boat and the water, we got her when she was only a few months old... so she really doesn't know anything different. She is curious about the water She likes to go out in the rain. She likes to sit our on deck.


  1. I want your cat. Dad Dale

  2. I love that last picture!!

    Was Sushi in the cabin when you had that Bahama smoke?

    Duuuuuuude! Better than any cat nip!

    I'm hungry! Where's that Mr. Dolphin?

  3. The cat has to go with the boat - that way when we advertise it for sale we can put "free pussy" in the ad.

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  5. Wow..........

    You really are a pimp.

    I had always heard once you go black you never go back.

  6. HEY!!!!!!!!!! That is enough of that!

    Here I was going to say that this sounded like a nice childrens book (all except the "ass" part....that is not good for a childrens book! :) You two boys are making it icky!!

    THANKS FOR THE GREAT POST CHAD!! I loved it! Great story ( could be a kids book...think about it!!! $$$$$$$) And I am highly honored and feel sooooo much better :)


  7. Chad, my question is, how do you find a beautiful girl, then convince her to sail with you for years on end - and leave behind jobs, cars, big screens, and other worthless things..

    my life consists of being miserable and single, trying to find an apartment to rent, and being completely insecure and depressed..

    is there a method or mindset or secret to how you've created an amazing life for yourself? I also graduated in 2003, but i've spent all these years crying in my room at my parents house.. I would like something similar to your life instead..

    whats your advice?

  8. There is a secret... and it can be brought to you for just $19.95 plus shipping and handling!

    No just kidding.

    For starter, the blog makes things look easir/better than they are. I've never posted a blog about getting water in the bahamas, which sometimes consists of carrying 56 pound jugs of water down a road, then a dock, then into a dinghy, to be hoisted onto the boat. 1 jug at a time. Or our poo coming out like mashed potatos because we eat so little meat and so much fucking pasta.

    I'm not complaining, just saying that on the blog we put in the good stuff and leave out the bad.

    The best advice I can offer comes from a friend of mine:

    Save up a few thousand dollars, then buy a one way plane ticket to the U.S. Virgin islands.

    I know it sounds crazy. but it's be done before.

    Another option is to get certified to teach english over seas. The course isn't very long, and you can go nearly anywhere you want in the world.

    Traveling is great because when no one knows you, you can become anyone you want to be.

    So just pick your dream and go for it. You only have one life to live. If you use your head, you've got nothing to lose.

    shoot me an email if you like:

  9. Awesome cat!:) It's as though a lot of people living aboard have cats...maybe it's the way to do it:)