Mar 16, 2010

A website

Sailors, if you are buying online, check out this website:

We met the couple who run the site: really cool people - really good sailors.

They sparked the chain of events that led to LeeAnn and I getting married... and Ken taught me how to surf!


  1. First of all, great blog! I've loved reading it and I subscribe to it as well via the RSS feed. Except for the Top Raman culinary advice, which I felt was lacking Tobasco!, you have a great way of telling a story.

    Second, as a Freelance Writer I see what you are talking about when someone Bogarts your article and creates an income stream for themselves via Amazon affiliations (you might want to send them a letter with the appropriate links and let them know that the person who plagiarized your work is using them too).

    As a side note, there are a lot of "writers" out there that do nothing more than plagiarize original content like yours, to satisfy the Craigslist posts that offer "jobs" that pay $10 a day. To quote one such A-Hole in Austin, "First of all, the writing I am doing and seeking writers for requires very little research and really is not anything more than internet pollution that happens to be written in English that makes sense."

    Best of luck, and yes, the plagiarist does have good taste!

  2. It's been an inspiration reading this. Thanks!


  3. Just so anyone reading the comments knows.... John Butler's remarks were concerning a different website.. this one: