Jul 21, 2016

Pictures from Mackinac Island

Charlie at the Butterfly Conservatory

Hobie very excited to be holing a butterfly

Butterflies were landing on my hat, so I put it on Hobie, then told him there was a butterfly on it, so "hold still and I'll take your picture!!"

Hobie and Mom Cross stiching
Charlie trying to use the outboard like Dad

We had our picture taken at this anchor when LeeAnn was pregnant with Hobie. Again after Hobie was born, and now with Charlie!

Learning from the Soldiers at the Fort on Mackinac Island

Locked up in the Fort Jail!

"PRIVATE" says the sign. Challenge accepted.


Soldiers don't smile!

Day 37: lost in the forest.

"I love you Nash!"

crunch crunch crunch rock candy!

Hiking on Mackinac Island

It's a long way down.

This will be a nice picture. Hobie stand here and smile. I said SMILE.

Stay away from the light!

We'll get a nice picture of the gazebo with Hobie running and screaming in front.

The fort on Mackniac Island no one goes to.

Passed out Charlie.

It's 1,487 steps to the fort on top of the Island. This is when no one else comes here.

Looking out the window in the morning. A favorite activity. Please don't throw things out the window.

At the public school playground on Mackinac

Banging on pots and pans. This is making lemons out of lemonade. Or whatever.


  1. Just now found this recently and am quite surprised by your ages. Here I was thinking this was being done by a couple of 30-40 somethings when they first started, and you actually got right into this after graduating high school in '03!!(I graduated in '01)
    Sailing on a budget and turning it into a lifestyle after a decade plus of doing so!!!
    I'm kind of land-locked and paying all the usual bills myself right now, but with the recent political events in the land, I'm attempting to fast-track my way out of the trap and see about setting sail myself!!

  2. Yeah, I think I'd be more freaked out about Trump if we didn't have an escape pod ready to go!

    Yeah I bought my first boat for 5,000 with a down payment of 2,500. Took two years for me to pay off the 2,500 balance. I bought the second boat for 9,000, and that is the one we took south. We came back home in 2009 and put every penny towards saving up for a Lagoon 380. When we had enough of a down payment, we bought one, then put every penny into paying it off. We went with out a lot of stuff our friends were buying, and took a lot of heat for "how come you guys never do anything fun?" but... now that we own a sweet catamaran we don't get those comments too much any more! Well I guess we still get them sometimes because a catamaran is still freaking expensive to maintain.