Aug 17, 2017

A Bell of a good time!

We went sailing with the Bell family earlier this week. We ended up dropping the sails in the middle of the lake so we could all go swimming. Here's a quick video and a few pictures:

In other news, we are 100% moved out of the house. It feels SO GOOD to have that monumental task completed. A renter has signed a 12-month lease, so if we back out now, we are officially homeless and will need to find somewhere else to live.

The property management company we hired has been awesome. They took care of everything including finding the tenant, repairing the house, painting, cleaning the carpets, and having cleaning people come in. It's been totally awesome to have someone else completely take over the responsibility of the house. It's liberating. So many worries and todos are simply fading away.

It also feels good to be done moving onto the boat. Everything we are bringing with us is on the boat, and now we can focus on organizing it. LeeAnn still needs to go to the storage unit we built in our basement, but I don't expect she will find too much there to bring because I brought most of the items we use on a daily basis.

Everything on the boat seems to be coming together really well. Things could be better organized or better optimized, but at the end of the day, there isn't anything more we can do in Muskegon that we couldn't do down the road. The one exception is our Minivan. We have to figure out what we are going to do with it. But at this point, I think it is just going to stay at my parent's house and we will decide this Christmas.

The boys are doing great on the boat. We take walks on the dock. There are tons of dogs in the marina and we stop to pet them all. The boys have been sharing a bed and they sleep WAY better together. It's been awesome! Not only do LeeAnn and I get more sleep, but we can use Charlie's bed as a place to toss bulky things like my guitar, our bag of swimming gear, etc.

Our departure date of August 31st is quickly approaching. About 14 days away. Two weeks. Scary! For the most part, I feel like we are ready, but I can't help but feel like we are forgetting something.

One thing I'm really worried about is money. I've been trying not to think about it, but pretty soon it's going to be impossible to ignore. I've started a Patron account to try to earn money. Check it out here:

It's pretty hard for LeeAnn and I to put ourselves out there so publicly. It's one thing to do blog posts and videos every now and then, but something else entirely to try to make content that people are willing pay for. If you have any ideas for the kind of content we should make, by all means, send an email to with your idea. I'd love to hear it!

Swimming in Muskegon Lake

Discovering water under the dock (again)

Bedtime books on the bow

The Office

Charlie the bobber!

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