Oct 23, 2017

Great loop: downtown Chicago to Ottawa Illinois

Super excited about this video for a few reasons:

- I added a "previously on" section to the beginning.
- I added an "intro reel" that... could be better... but it's better than nothing. I like it, and I'm proud of it.
- leeann and I had a lot of fun doing a voiceover commentary together.
- I experimented with detaching audio from clips and added extra "b-roll" to smooth out some edits.
- I switched to royalty free music. YouTube has been running ads on my videos to pay the royalties on the copyright protected music I was using. Switching to royalty free means this is my first monetized video ever!!
- I experimented with sound effects in the patreon scene at the end. It's goofy, but I like it and had fun making it. Unfortunately my GoPro was out of commission at the time, so the quality isn't the best during that part.
- I left in a lot more content than I normally do. Stuff I previously would have cut for being "boring". As a result this video is much longer than others I have done. I'm interested in hearing feedback on the longer format.
I hope you like it, and would love to hear your thoughts. What did you like? At what points were you bored?
This video required a lot of extra effort, but I'm proud of the result. I took this video more seriously than others I have done - thank you patrons for the inspiration, encouragement and confidence you give me... just by being patrons!!
I learned a lot on this one, and I'm already excited to be working on and applying that experience to the next video!
Thanks for reading, watching, and following along with us!! Here we go!!

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