Oct 21, 2017


We were going to make progress today...Then we saw this pretty little island and decided to stop for a picnic. The shore was so steep, we were able to beach the boat. Something we had never done before. That was super cool!

We skipped stones for a while, Ate lunch, read Tom Sawyer.

Then it was time to get going. Time to put some miles under the keel! But we spotted a cool island just a mile further on and stopped. Next thing we know some wild goats (?) come walking down the rocky shore.

We put the dinghy in the water and went over with some carrots. They were friendly enough to be hand fed but timid and jumpy. Very large and a little scary!

So... now we are just stopped for the day. I think we made it maybe 10 miles. But we had fun!!

I just realized... we are in Alabama!!

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