Mar 5, 2018

Boca Grande Key

A quick sail to Boca Grande Key. Just 15 miles away. A welcome change from long distances. We thought we'd be alone, but found 15 boats instead.

Locals with lawn chairs and country music blaring from their beached center consoles. We had found the local hangout.

All the power boats left around sunset. They slowly idled away from the anchored boats before taking off at high speed. I was surprised by that. We visited the beach and found hardly a trace of a human. No trash. As far as power boaters go, these were some of the best I've ever come across.

Being out of cell range, we read books, spent time on the beach, and oh yeah, PLUNDERED A SHIPWRECK!!

There was an endeavor 30-something that was washed up on the east side of the island. We left Charlie with Aisling, and along with a bag of tools, took off for the wreck with Hobie.

It took at least an hour to get there, winding along in a channel that ran the coast of the island. When it got to shallow, we rowed. The mucky mud on the bottom was at least a foot deep. Too creepy to walk in.

The mangrove coast was exotic. In the clear water, we saw fish, stingrays, and horseshoe crabs. We were no longer Mom, Dad, and Hobie from West Michigan. We were explorers, searching a deserted island for a shipwreck. We sought adventure. We sought treasure.

We rounded the last corner, and thar she be, looming large, closer'n we expected. Heeled to nearly 45 degrees, walking on the boat was extremely awkward, and dangerous. The mast was still up but the rigging was frayed.

We had clearly not been the first to visit this boat. It was extremely picked over. We explored a bit, but having apparently arrived too late, left without any souvenirs.

We spent a few more days hanging around the beach. We really liked it here, and everyone seemed to be in good, happy moods. We even made a meal of mashed potatoes, veggies, and pork and were SHOCKED when they kids not only withheld from complaining but actually liked the food and happily ate it! What is this strange magic!

After a few more days on the beach, we headed back to Key West where we caught a case of bad attitudes. I kept saying "let's go back to Boca Grande.

Oh yes! We made a cake! It says "Boca Grande"

Singing songs with Charlie

A beach to ourselves.

Lots and lots of hermit crabs. 

We also "caught" two different kinds of conch! 
Be free my little ones!

Um. No comment. 

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