May 9, 2008

An update, and a lizard.

We are halfway through our stay in Charleston. It's been a good time. We're making friends, money, and progress on the boat.

We intend to leave Charleston this winter, sometime between the end of November and the beginning of January. We will head for the Bahamas to start with, and I don't know where from there. Either the Caribbean sea, or the Gulf of Mexico.

Some Bad News: My bike got stolen yesterday and LeeAnn's drivers license is expired.

Some Good News: New refrigerator installed! New Toilet installed! LeeAnn scored over 80% in an online college class (I don't know her actual score). I found a sweet candy store. LeeAnn doesn't have a car anyways!

Here are some pictures of a lizard I found on my way back from taking a shower today:

LeeAnn's Friend Chelsey



    Nothing like fresh lizard.

    I hope the Fudpucker that stole your bike gets a real bad infection and his toes rot off and then a thousand stable flies fly up his nose and lay eggs then the little flies hatch and eat his eyes.

  2. gross and totally wrong that it is.....I have to agree with my big bro on that. Shame on that theif!! Good to hear that you are all doing well and having a good time :) Aunt J