Jan 7, 2009

Still no time to talk!!

We're in Marsh Harbor, Abaco.

It's our least favorite of the places we have been so far. It's not very pretty, the people are a little rude, and it's very hard to get internet access!! We will be leaving here as soon as the windy conditions we are currently having pass us by.

Here are some of our latest activities:

Hope town!

Chris and leeAnn goofing off:The road ends (yep, that's the road)
Chris and LeeAnn wondering "where do we go now?"
Picture of the anchorage in Hope Town:


Take care, we miss you all :)


  1. Crikey, mate! Watch out for those sting rays!!

  2. Wow, that stingray was cool but you be careful! I liked the mermaid that Chad caught on film better!

  3. Very Cool indeed! Remember sting rays are our friends. They dont want to hurt you. Did you see the video your Dad/Mom have from their visit to the Sting Rays in the Bahamas? That is a must see. Without a doubt!!

    However, we do have a tip for you. According to Les Stroud.....sharks get more aggressive with the color yellow. He proved it. They were less aggressive with black and white. That explains a lot about our snorkeling adventure in the Keys...and Uncle Troys yellow swim suit shorts.....yep....explains a lot!


    OH....and eat your vegetables.


  4. I like how Chad and LeeAnn came up, LeeAnn is talking to Chad and he just goes back underwater.

    That lobster looked good! Where's the butter!

  5. I noticed that too Mike! When Colton and I were watching it....we thought Chad slipped off the side and fell back in the water....but then we noticed how he just kept looking around under water...yep...sting ray is still there....hey...what is over here...hmmmmmm! Nice...real nice! :) Love to you both!! :) It looks realllllllllly nice there. With our blowing snow outside....it really makes me feel warm looking at all that warm tropical sun!!

  6. So I just wrote on LeeAnn's facebook, but Charlie and I are going to be in the Bahamas the 24th til the 31st so I dunno how close you guys will be to like Nassau around them but we'll be there and I would LOVE to see you!!!!
    PS, be safe please, your updates stress me out...and miss you guys loads!

  7. Great videos! Your photos from Hope Town are really beautiful as well. Happy New Year, you two!

  8. What a great story. I'm enjoying your blog.

  9. Yes.....you are sailing in a tropical paradise.....can you take a minute for us shivering in the cold snow....pleaaaassssseeee????

    Your Aunt :)

  10. Wow, Dad and I are watching "Scrubs" and they do this 2 hour special in the Bahamas. I recognized the lighthouse from Hope Town! Yep, Scrubs was in the same place you were. Cool.
    Mom Hobart