Jan 27, 2009

Shroud Cay

We spent about 3 days at Shroud Cay. It was very nice and beautiful.

There was a natural fresh water well on the island. Most people take their dinghy to the path, but we thought we would walk the shoreline for an extra adventure.

Walking to the well:

Where could it be?
We found the path!
Walking down the path:
A hole in the ground on the path:
I was thinking the well would be like, a hand pump or something. This well had fish in it. I feel bad for the old Spong Fisherman who used to get all their fresh water from this very well. The cement wall around the well was built in 1927.
Screw the well, I'm going swimming...

On this day it was LeeAnn's brothers birthday, and our friend John's as well. She made this for you three:


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, how COMPLETELY AMAZINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SOOOOOO Want to be there.......it looks very amazing.....did I say that alreay?? You didnt have a suit on did you??? Oh well....why should you!!!!

    XXOOO Joni

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