Sep 3, 2017

Moored in Chicago - Monroe Harbor

We arrived in Chicago this morning around 2:30am.

We were expecting the trip to take about 20 hours, but we had poor wind so we motorsailed. Made great time and finished in around 14 hours.

We first took a dock in Burnham harbor. Then today I went to register at the marina office. The lady told me I needed to make a reservation online before we could get a dock.

When I went to make an online reservation I noticed we could get a mooring ball closer to the city, two nights for $80 vs. $100 a night for a dock. I opted for the mooring so we have more spending money in the city.

There are a lot of weekend boaters out today. Everyone is rushing around in very large high speed boats. They are either crazy, stupid, ignorant, or all of the above. Some boats are  piled with people and I think a lot of them may be going to the "playpen" which sounds like a great party for college kids, but not so good for ... actual kids. We may anchor there in a few days. Can't beat free!

Overall, It's been a stressful few days! All the emotion of leaving home. Then an overnight passage through the middle of the widest part of Lake Michigan, entering Chicago at night, being tired today, but wanting to make the best of our first day on adventure.

Leeann is a pretty anxious personl... so when she gets stressed I get stressed about making whatever is causing her anxiety to go away. I can tell she has been trying hard to stay positive.

The kids are pretty emotional about leaving  but they don't really understand it. They are just acting tired and whiny and demanding a lot of attention. We are trying to give them all the emotional support they need during the transition. Then again, today Hobie asked if we could live in Chicago forever so maybe he is fine about leaving home.

I'm surprised how intuitive Charlie was about leaving. Yesterday he was asking to "go back" which broke my heart.

LeeAnn slept with the boys last night, and once we docked I climbed into bed with them. I always start to second guess myself late at night. I turned my life upside down for this. Sold my company. Left a high paying job. Sold our stuff. Rented out our house. Left our friends and family. I hope it all doesn't turn out to be a big mistake.

Overall, things are good and we are making the best of it, but I'm excited to get a good nights sleep tonight, and into a routine during the next few days.

At least the weather is good! It would be way worse if it were cold and rainy!

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