Dec 4, 2008

Rockville Marine

We've made a stop at Rockville Marine to get hauled out. We needed to change out some thru-hulls that had frozen shut, and we also wanted to give the bottom a good look before leaving the states.

It was a fast haul, we were only out of the water a few hours. The guys at Rockville Marine did all the work. They were great! They took a lot of care to make sure all the work was done correctly. I definitely recommend them!

They have a goose named Aflac who squawked really loud, and loved food.

Check out how close Aflac is to taking leeAnn's fingers off...Then leeAnn got tired and went to sleep on the picnic table.


  1. Hey Chad and LeeAnn,

    Dan and I have been chatting about you two wondering about your adventures. We haven't checked your blog in a very long time but today we did and we see that you have spent the year in Charleston...looks like you're heading to the Bahamas, let us know if you are going to Georgetown...we've spent some time there and would love to tell you about it. And when you pass through Wilmington again please do drop us a line. Happy Sailing!

    Dan and Tracy (
    P.S. Dan bought an 1969 O'Day Mariner this past steps right.

  2. I think AFLAC would have tasted good for Thanksgiving.

    Maybe even Christmas.