Dec 2, 2008

Marvelous Night For A Moon Dance

Ready.... Set.... WAIT!!!

We're already to go, but we are stuck waiting on two things:

1. The new AutoPilot.
2. The Official Coast Guard Documentation.

The Documentation is on the way, and could be here any day. Our autopilot is supposed to ship tomorrow (12/2/08) but i'm skeptical.

Today would have been a GREAT day to leave... but sadly we are stuck here playing the waiting game.

See the ghost!!

Everything on the bed is full of food, as well as the container behind LeeAnn:

Took this picture of a dolphin jumping while out sailing with Patrick:


  1. Your ghost picture is so silly, Chadwick. ;o)


  2. Can't wait for you to depart so I can live vicariously through more of your adventures!

  3. What a great picture of the dolphin!

    How did you get so lucky!