Sep 15, 2007

And we're off!!

We left around 8 am Monday morning, September 10, 2007. We sailed off the anchor. I looked up and noticed that almost all the people who live on the bay had come out on their decks to see us off, and to get one last look at the boat they have know for 30 years. We yelled and screamed and blew an air horn. It probably sounded like a crowd of people were being run down by a Volkswagen.

Our good friend Kathy Scanlon helped us sail the boat from Chaumont to Oswego. it was a great sail. There were steady following seas, everyone got a little queasy, but only the cat threw up. We made Oswego in 8 hours flat. This boat flys! we averaged above 5 knots the whole way. Our old boat was basically topped out at 5.

Once in Oswego we headed off to get a package that was waiting for us at a marina across the river, and to get some dinner! we ate at a nice Irish resturant. Kathy got a Guinness (naturally) which had a nice little outline of a shamrock imprinted in the foam.

It feels great to be on with the trip. No more waiting. No more worries about what might happen. The cards have been dealt, All we can do is play our hand and see what we can make of it.

If you want to check out more videos of the trip, take a look at this blog made by kathy scanlon:
kathy uploaded a whole boat load (ha!) of pictures, my personal favorite is "kathy tries to kill chad"

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  1. Wow.....this was really wonderful to watch all these videos! I tried watching rolling seas video....but I admit....I HAD to turn it off. I am still feeling a little barfy. Poor Sushi! XXOO Aunt Joni