Sep 20, 2007

Last Day for Little Falls

Today is our last day (cross my fingers) in Little Falls. Our friend Kathy has a friend coming in from Texas and they are going to run a few miles down the canal with us. We will go through lock 17, a 41 foot drop. This used to be the biggest lock in the world, but there are now locks twice it's size.

Picture of the dock in Little Falls.

Waiting on the motor isn't all bad....

Kathy Scanlon made this awesome progress map. I've yet to figure out how to do this... So for now I will just steal hers! Our trail is red because of all the fish I'm slaying while we are on our way... Let all fish be warned of my trail of blood!!! HAHA!

Joe trying to teach LeeAnn how to paddle the gondola.
Gondolas are all built to the same specifications. 35 feet long and around 4 feet wide. They have no internal ballast, they are built to lean to starboard. This gondola was purchased in Venice and shipped back to America in a container. Joe learned how to paddle in Venice from a guy whose name I cannot pronounce, let alone spell. Joe camps out each night in a tent.
We have a Lennon fan!
Paddling the gondola is kind of tricky. The oar is flexible, has a top and a bottom, never leaves the water, and always stays on the same side of the boat. He didn't let me take it for a spin.


  1. We cant wait to see the pics of this next lock! Sushi looks so peaceful and content on the Kayak in the photo; that will make the kids feel better after viewing the video of her this morning before school! :)

    Have fun with the drop....good thing the locks are not like roller coasters :) Aunt J

  2. The dock and the fountain is sweet!
    The Gondola is sweet!
    Being stuck in Little Falls waiting for parts in a hammock can be sweet!

    $20.00 for second day shipping and having to wait three days....

    UPS can suck your salty balls eh?

  3. Can I have a gondola for my birthday?

    Hi and hugs to LeeAnn!

  4. Gondolas are wicked cool. And I learned their actual name! So not only was the post entertaining, but informative! -KT