Sep 19, 2007

Just for Fun..

Still Sitting in Little Falls. The Gondola Man showed up last night and we hung out around a fire. I will post pictures later...
Mark, the gondola man's buddy went on the gondola today, and left his convertible in the care of LeeAnn and I, so we have been having a good time joy riding in it. Too bad the car didn't come a day earlier. We stocked up on groceries yesterday. It was a pretty far bike ride on a busy road. One hand for the bike, the other for the bag of charcoal.



    Poor little Susi!

    I'm telling ya, she's going to be fish food one day if you're not careful.

  2. I can't believe she doesn't just keep on runnin' for the trees!! Poor Sushi! I am sure there are happy moments for her too. She will get used to it....although you may want to attach a little harness when you hit that 200 miles of open sea you talked about! :) Oh, and please watch your back with the gondella (sp?) guy. Vaseline on eggs....that aint right! XXOO Aunt Joni

  3. Actually I tried to take the cat off the boat the other day and she freaked out and bolted for the boat. She has spent very little time off of it. now we don't even worry about locking her up when we leave. she just runs around on deck.

    I miss you aunt joni!!

  4. Like OMG you guys!! Poor Sushi! One day she'll have her revenge on you.

    I was not aware that kitties would/could swim.Guess when your master dumps you in the Eerie Canal, you have no choice!