Sep 27, 2007

Grrr.... Engine...

We are in Catskill, NY. this time our engine really gave out. We had to be towed into Catskill. So we had a mechanic take a look. Seems our head gasket is blown. So now we are waiting for a new gasket.

It's a nice place to be shacked up. Quiet little river with a small mountain in the background. We are only a few miles away from where the original Woodstock took place.

I've never seen a tide. It is really amazing. We have a 5 foot tidal range here. When I get really mad at the engine and I want to take my frustrations out on the world, I'll tie a kitten to a rock out in the mud flats at low tide... then I just sit back with a beer and watch the tide come in! Tide go up! Cat stay tide down.
Oh my god. That's really terrible. I can't believe that just came out of my head.


  1. Maybe your head blew a gasket too?

  2. You're sick. I think I'm going to call Cat Protective Services to take Sushi away.

    Sorry your engine died. Better get out the guitar and sing your way to a new one. Or come help put up a fence in my backyard!

    Hi to LeeAnn!

  3. Hey guys! I'm really bummed that your engine died. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Updated your progress map and posted some pics of Little Falls.